Well, this week has been a rather busy one. Not only have I been changing jobs at work, but I’ve also been attempting to bring some much-needed order to my life… which has included enrolling in my much anticipated (and now slightly scary!) welding course at Fed Uni College.

Why welding, you ask?  Well, to me it is a fascinating, alluring and enduring art form which lends itself to a huge range of projects.  To my (romantic) mind, it fits into a category of practical ‘traditional’ crafts alongside other kinds of metal work (such as casting) as well as woodworking, mosaicing, tiling, pottery, weaving, basketry and jewellery making.  And what I love about these ‘traditional’ crafts is that many of these wonderful demonstrations of human endeavour, ingenuity, creativity and practicality can continue ‘living’, serving a purpose or playing a part in life long after our own lives are over… and, in some cases, are still being dug up as reminders of long past civilisations and humble existences all over the globe.  Perhaps then, in some way, learning welding and other crafts forms a part of my own search for meaning and purpose in life… maybe even a search for immortality?  Or, then again, it could be that I simply want to learn how to make ‘stuff’… just for the thrill of knowing that I can?

Anyway, to complete my welding enrolment, I needed to do an online literacy and numeracy test (done a couple of weeks ago) and attend a short interview/ meeting this week, during which time the course coordinator gave me a list of the items I needed to procure before the first class starts next week.

Happily, the welders mask, gloves and hood were all easy to buy, however, the coveralls and elastic-sided steel-capped boots were a bit tougher given that they only seem to be available in men’s sizes. To make things more complicated I – rather amusingly in hindsight – applied my normal clothes-buying logic to these purchases and went searching for coveralls and boots that I thought looked ‘nice’… however, I’ve now decided that this is as likely as finding a nice looking hospital gown or hairnet. In the end I settled for navy Bisley coveralls (no other colours seemed to be available locally?) while, for the boots, I bought some relatively inexpensive black Blundstone ones (pictured)… not the most attractive but, they seemed comfortable enough and will keep my toes intact!

As an aside, when I mentioned my welding plans to my hairdresser and optician during the week they were both really positive and supportive (which was great!)… and, then, jokingly, made reference to Flash Dance… I suppose I had it coming 🙂

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