Well, this week has been a rather busy one. Not only have I been changing jobs at work, but I’ve also been attempting to bring some much-needed order to my life… which has included enrolling in my much anticipated (and now slightly scary!) welding course at Fed Uni College. Continue reading “Welding!”

A beginning

I was off work sick for over a week recently and, although I didn’t have energy for much more than sitting on the couch playing endless hours of Supaplex (recently rediscovered after 20+ years!), reading a few pages at a time of my current book (Elizabeth Gilbert’s ‘The Signature of All Things’) or watching mindless rubbish on Netflix, the absence of activity allowed for some familiar yet long-ignored feelings to resurface… that I should somehow be doing more with my life. You know: living up to my potential, embracing life to the fullest, being all I can be. Continue reading “A beginning”

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