Not enough hours in the day

So, as predicted (or, perhaps, as to be expected?) my grand plans to experiment with living a fabulously and inexhaustibly innovative and creative life has somewhat fallen by the wayside.  Life has taken over.  And by ‘life’, I mean fatigue, mundaneness, the ups and downs of illness, demands of work, my own personal idiosyncrasies and fickleness in the face of these factors, and… the arrival of the newest member of our family, an Airedale puppy we’ve named Tungsten (and, yes… before you ask, his name was somewhat inspired by my welding exploits 🙂 ) Continue reading “Not enough hours in the day”


Well, this week has been a rather busy one. Not only have I been changing jobs at work, but I’ve also been attempting to bring some much-needed order to my life… which has included enrolling in my much anticipated (and now slightly scary!) welding course at Fed Uni College. Continue reading “Welding!”

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